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All Stocked Up!

July 13, 2015

Hey All! Last week and this past weekend, I have been getting together food to take with me to the hospital on Thursday (my csection date. I have a fridge in my room), and for when I come home (hopefully Sunday). I thought I'd share! P.S. Expect a few posts to pop up here and there while I am taking care of the baby, I set up a few in advance, including a video of what's in my fridge and pantry! Also, "like" my page on Facebook for updates


 I went to Trader Joes last week and got.. Kale chips, freeze dried mango, watermelon juice, coconut water, bananas, Pure Bars, carrots and hummus all for the hospital. The raw almond butter, mangos, frozen fruit, lemons and watermelon are for when I come home. Lots of hydration going to be needed for breastfeeding!

 From Whole Foods I picked up... Two Moms in the Raw bars and crackers, a couple Raw Revolution bars and some raw granola, all perfect for the hospital. 

 From Home Goods I got.. Kale Chips and Emmy's raw macaroons for when I return home.. Okay the macaroons will probably make it to the hospital. ;)

 Lots of coconut water for hydration!

 And from Costco, frozen fruit for smoothies once I am home.


I'll be back Wednesday with my final pregnancy update! Then it's BABY TIME!! XO


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