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Happy 7th Birthday, Little A!

November 24, 2017

If you’ve been following me since my “Ginger is The New Pink” days, you’re going to feel old! Little A is 7 today! Some of you remember when I was pregnant with her. These past 7 years have gone in the blink of an eye and I’ve treasured every moment. 


Little A is a passionate girl..

With a magical free spirit..

She’s a wanderer..

Who loves animals.. 


Mermaids, fairies and unicorns.. 

She has a beautiful imagination..

She loves being in nature..

She’s strong and brave.. 

There is nothing she can’t do..

This girl made me a Mother..

Taught me who I am.. 

And how to love in ways I never knew existed..

Little A has blessed us these 7 years more than I could of ever dreamed. She is my Goose, my angel, my bubby. I am so lucky to be her Mommy. Happy Birthday to my Goosey Girl! 

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