Do People Still Read Blogs? An Update!

August 30, 2019


Hey everyone! Long time! This Summer was super busy and I plan on catching you up in some upcoming posts. As I was away from blogging, I started to wonder if anyone even reads blogs anymore? I mean, Instagram is my jam. That’s my favorite place online, and I notice a lot of ex-bloggers use that forum to “micro blog”. Short posts on each pic. In a recent poll though, you all said you’d still read Naturally Lauren so here I am!

Let me see, so much to catch up on. If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram you probably know most of this, but I’ll share anyway.

-I started working out at an awesome circuit gym with T. Right now we go together two nights a week but once school starts, I’ll start going in the mornings. I am loving the high intensity workouts and pushing myself more than I ever have.

-My diet has changed. I’m still eating vegan, but much better. I have actually dropped the label vegan and now go by plantbased. I find plantbased just rings better with me and my lifestyle. I’m eating cleaner, better, less processed, more veggies, more greens, and staying away from additives. I actually ate like this for years when I ate high-raw, but after my surgeries, I started living more of a “you only live once” lifestyle which meant eating what I want, when I want as long as it was vegan. This is no long appealing to me anymore and I’m very super jazzed eating cleaner.

-I’m not only eating better, but taking better care of myself! I will make a big post on this soon but, I have been focusing a lot on self-care, mind, body, and soul. I have even gotten back into my yoga practice.

-I’m still living my best life. Every day is a gift to me. I’m so grateful to be healthy, happy, and alive. I try new things, things that scare me, things I’ve never thought I would do and it feels awesome.

So yea, that’s just some of stuff I’ve been up to. We took some trips, had lots of fun, and we are ready for school to start up next week. I’ll be back with more very soon! Thanks for reading!

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