June 29, 2014

Hello and Welcome to Naturally Lauren!


I am sure most of you have followed me over from Ginger is The New Pink, thank you!


I am using this new space as a new chapter. Ginger is The New Pink has been a blog about my journey of healing since 2009 and I felt now that I am doing a lot better, with hope on the horizon, I needed a new canvas. During my years on Ginger is The New Pink, I bought my house, had my daughter, got sick, got better, tried many ways to heal, many meds and eventually had surgery to remove my colon after pre-cancer cells were found. I am hoping this blog is less eventful on the health side of things but still full of good excitement. Please leave comments with your input and what you would like to see! I am always looking for guest bloggers and products to review, so use the contact tab and get in touch! :) For now you can not subscribe to my posts, but they are going to be inplimenting that soon, so I will keep you updated. For now, add me to your favorites, visit often or follow my Facebook fanpage or Twitter feed where I will update when a new post is up.



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