Surgery Prep and What I Do After

June 30, 2014

Hey everyone! I am finally out of the hospital!  Even though this was the easiest of the 3 surgeries, the pain was just as intense! I'm still in a lot of pain because the surgery was less invasive, they weren't giving me the strong pain meds I had previously. So that made this surgery just as rough as the other 2. Sigh. My pain is still not under control. :( 

Anyway, I wanted to write a post about preparing before surgery and healing after. So here are some things I did:

(NOTE: I am not a doctor, I did what I thought was best for my body and I suggest talking to your doctor being doing any of my suggestions).


A lot of what I did involves strengthen my immune system because number one, if I got sick before surgery, I would of had to postpone it. And two, I didn't want to pick up any nasty hospital germs..


-Took higher doses of vitamin C. 


-Drank fresh squeezed OJ for two days leading up. This is higher in sugar so I had about a cup a day for two days before surgery. I tried to have zinc when I had vitamin c so they work together to do their thing. 


-For 5 days leading up, I had crushed garlic a swallowed whole like a pill, with raw honey. This fights off any bad bacteria. 


-Speaking of bacteria, probiotics, I take vsl3 which is great for preventing illness with a jpouch. I take this at all times 2-3x per day. 


-I drank lots and lots and lots of water! I always drink a lot of water, but I really do it up for 3 days before my surgery. I run a high risk of dehydration with having a jpouch so I made sure I was well hydrated. Also, I added a dash of real salt to a few glasses for minerals


Since I was having stoma surgery I already had a bag, I didn't need to do any sort of prep or fasting.  I was told, nothing by mouth after midnight. But I did make sure I had lots of nourishing foods that help promote healing. 


-My favorite is my cup of miso (1 or 2 tbsp chickpea miso, a dash or two of coconut aminos, cayenne pepper and turmeric with warm water). I also drank a lot of warm water with lemon, cayenne, and turmeric. Turmeric is great for inflammation. 


-I also had vegetable soups. 


-Lots of fermented foods. 


-Sunwarrior protein shakes. 


-A lot of raw food (not the day before though). 


-Tea! I made a big batch of nettle sun tea daily with fresh lemon that T, Little A and I would share. Nettles are good for building strong blood, just what I needed. I also drank Longevity Tea and Organic Echineca tea. 


I was not allowed certain vitamins a week ahead so I made sure to take..


-Oregano oil (for getting rid of bad bacteria). 


-Gaia Immune Support drops.


-Arnica Montana homeopathic pills that are said to help with scars and healing deep cuts. 



I wanted to go into surgery with a relaxed mind..


-Calm Magnesium powder I took before bed (I try to do this regularly). I wanted to be nice and calm when going into surgery. 


-I meditated as much as possible. Even in the prep room. I used the Insight Timer app on my phone. This was great for picking the amount of time I wanted to meditate. I also followed my surgery doing this. 


I made sure I stocked up on a lot of food to bring to the hospital. My room has a mini fridge so that helped a lot. Hospital food is so bad and even when I say I eat a vegan diet, they bring me chicken broth and fish! 


-I made a big pot of homemade vegetable broth with kombu and chickpea miso added in. I drained it and put the broth in mason jars. T brought it to me warmed up in a thermos. This was great for adding rice and gluten free noodles to as well.


-I made sure I had low fiber snacks: raw macaroons, Jana Sweet raw cookies, bananas, white rice, brown rice ramen style noodles, fresh pressed organic almond milk, fermented coconut yogurt, lots of electrolyte water and raw coconut water. 


I always bring things for comfort..


-My healing crystals, hand cross, charms that friends have given me for courage. 


-An eye mask (I need zero light to sleep.  I even cover up my clock at home). 


-iPad to watch episodes of Once Upon a Time and other stuff on Netflix. 


-Organic natural Lip gloss. 


-Lots of lotion because the air is so dry. 


-Nectar by Ami (I feel good even in hospital scrubs when I have her Angel Wings on). 


-I always bring comfy slippers and pajamas that make me feel good. Usually something colorful to get some color in my life. Ha ha!


Little A usually give me a toy or blanket of hers to bring. She usually makes a card too and of course I put her picture up on my bulletin board as soon as I get there. I can see her face from my bed. :)


Once I'm off of all the pain meds..


-Oregano oil to strengthen my immune system. 


-I spend a lot of time rebounding, walking as much as I can, body brushing and getting my lymph system moving to flush out all the bad stuff it was bombarded with. 


-Lots of fresh green juice. 


-Fermented foods and probiotics ( VSL3).


-Tons of water of course. Fresh spring water or filtered with lemon or cucumbers. 


I like to clean the air in my house from any sick energy too.. 


-I open all the windows. 


-Light healing incense. 


-Walk around each room burning sage. 


-Bees wax candles are great for cleaning negative ions from the air. 


-A few new plants always help. Even fresh flowers absorb negative energy and you can throw the energy out with them once they die (thanks to Dara for informing me of that). 


-Decluttering is great at this time too. I find moving furniture and cleaning under stuff that doesn't normally get cleaned to bring out old emotions that I want to discard (of course moving furniture doesn't come until I'm all healed allowed to lift). I did a lot of decluttering this year thanks to Dara. I've gotten rid of anything that I don't feel serves me in my home. Anything that doesn't make me feel good when I see it. It's very freeing and opening to the soul. Allows the good stuff to come in. 


-Grounding. Spending time on the beach, in the woods, in the sun or just in my backyard in the grass. So completely healing. 


So I hope you all enjoyed this. I'll be back as soon as I can. Right now I'm really taking it easy and doing as little as possible. Thanks for the love and support. Xoxo

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