A Minor Setback

July 10, 2014

Hi everyone! I hope I still have readers left after my absence from blogging. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I had another health opportunity. This time I started bleeding from the site where my ileostomy was. In other words, from the hole they left in my stomach. I lost a ton of blood, needed numerous blood and iron transfusions, was in the hospital for nearly a week, felt scared, worried and sick. I had to go to the local hospital near my parents so I couldn't even see my surgeon who I trust and adore so much. Needless to say, it's been a very very rough time. But I'm working on the upswing now. They did a small procedure that showed I had a tear in the muscle way down deep. So 8 very long stitches later, I am recovering at my parents house.

Anyway, my family and friends have been taking such wonderful care of me and I wanted to share some of the food they brought me and made me once I was home.


First was beautiful watermelon that my grandparents brought me, they also brought me escarole and beans one night and lentils another. Gotta love good Italian cooking!


Next was a much needed green juice my sister brought me. I felt alive again after a few sips. There was such a huge difference in how I felt that I am going to start juicing again, religiously. I figure I need a good cleaning of my insides after all of this anyway.


My wonderfully hubby, T brought me veggie rolls and veggie rice wraps.


When I got home, my sister made me a gorgeous raw kale salad that perked me right up. So much nourishment to my cells! Much needed!


For dinner last night, my first night home, my Mother-in-law brought over lentils, roasted kale and roasted potatoes. Again, never felt better to eat such beautiful food.


And finally, one of my best friends came over last night with vegan/gluten free cookies for us all. Nothing like a little treat after a rough time. :)


So now I will be resting for awhile, just taking it easy and I will TRY to let others help me more. Also, I plan on a big cleanse once I am fully healed and on my feet again, so stay tuned for that.


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