Hospital, Low Fiber and What I am Eating Now!

July 12, 2014

As a follow up from my previous posts, I wanted to post a little more about what I ate in the hospital following my surgery, when I got home and ate low fiber and some more recent meals. As of right now I'm trying to detox all the yucky meds out so I'm eating a lot of foods with high water content (watermelon) and detoxing powers (cilantro, parsley). Also,  I plan on cutting way back on grains again. I have been reading a lot about grains and the gut and I don't feel they are good for my stomach. I find myself eating more then my share because I avoid so many things but during my "healing phase" I feel The urge to cut them out. As I like to say, everyone is different so if you do fine eating them, eat away.

I will start with the broth I made the day before. I made a huge pot of homemade broth by cooking garlic, onions, leeks, celery, carrots, parsley and kombu in filtered water with 2 tablespoons of soy free chickpea miso (South River Miso is the brand), a lot of Real Salt and Coconut Aminos. This cooked at a low temperature all day long. I drained it and packed the broth in Pyrex and mason jars. The flavor was amazing! I highly suggest making your own broth and storing it in the freezer for when you make soup. I didn't want to dispose of the vegetables after I drained them so I had them for dinner over some rice.

 Next is the food I took with me to the hospital. My room had a mini fridge so I had my husband, T, bring me the stuff I bought and made ahead of time. I brought electrolyte water (having a jpouch means high risk for dehydration), coconut water (also for electrolytes and nutrients), fresh made raw almond milk that I bought from a nearby juice bar and one T grabbed from a health food store near the hospital), bananas.. Lots of them, Jana Sweet cookies and raw macaroons (they happen to be low fiber and a nice treat), white rice, brown rice noodles from Jade Pearl (both the rice and noodles T brought me for dinner after he cooked them at home), Sunwarrior Protein in a bag that I mixed into almond mix, macadamia nut butter, and probiotic rich coconut yogurt that I bought from Organic Ave. I was on liquids on the first 2 days, then soft foods, then low fiber. I really didn't eat much at all though. My appetite didn't come back until I was home for a couple days (I think the smell of my Mom's cooking brought it back!).

When I was able to have more fiber, I had a lot of smoothies made with raw protein powder, bananas and superfoods, potato soup that my sister made me from scratch, baked sweet potatoes with coconut oil, avocados, cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe, wraps made with raw coconut wraps, cucumbers, avocados, and spinach, rice paper wraps, peaches, green juice, zucchini cooked and raw zucchini noodles with tomato sauce, and tonics!

My sister in law brought me over these goodies. The crackers and bar are higher in fiber, so I waited to enjoy them.

Now I am drinking green juice, making smoothies with lots of good ingredients, salads for days. Watermelon for the entire day then having a salad at dinner. Veggie rice paper wraps, coconut wraps with sprouts, avocado and cucumbers, zucchini pasta, cantaloupe, my favorite warming miso drink. Fermented kimchi and sauerkraut.


And of course some of the lovely cards and flowers I received from family friends and online buddies.

Have a beautiful day! XO

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