What I'm Loving Wednesday!

July 16, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Here is what I am loving this week...


First and foremost, I am loving that I got good news from my doctor, he said everything seems to be on the healthy path again, and I shouldn't have anymore issues! :) I feel such relief!



I love beach days! Before my "set back", I spent some time recovering at the beach. My doc gave me the okay to go back to the beach! :)

Collected some pretty little shells. Or as we call them "Mermaid Toenails".

I spent The Fourth of July in the hospital, but a few days prior, we saw them from my parent's backyard.

My hubby, T, had a client give him these gorgeous gifts of fresh herbs from her garden and honey she harvested herself. Gorgeous!

When I was in the hospital, I was very very very sad. I was so dissapointed in my body and I had no faith in the doctors (since I wasn't at the hospital I go to in NYC with my surgeon his team). But I found smiles in funny places.. Like soap bubbles!

Something else that cheered me up and will leave me smiling forEVER was this package an annoymous soul sent me of beautiful raw goodies! I have never been so touched in my life. I am going to pay it forward, even if on a small scale.

DoTerra Essential oils and a diffuser were also part of the package. I am loving learning about each other and their properties. I use them all day long now, and I have helped my family with different ailments by applying them on them.

Since we are still staying with my parents (should be going home Sunday), I haven't had my normal goodies, like KRAUT! T grabbed me some raw kraut to enjoy in my salads and on my raw sandwiches! YAY KRAUT!

FInally, whenever I see my doc, I visit the nearby health food store that has a ton of raw goodies. I do this as something to look forward too after the anxiety leading up to the appointment. It has become a tradition (although if T is with me, the tradition is scaled down..HA HA). But this time my amazing sister came with me and we had fun! ;) Here are the raw treats I got. My doctor informed me that with a j-pouch I need to be eating HIGH FIBER! Yippy! Finally, a diet that isn't hard to obtain! :)


What are you loving this week? I am still working on getting the comments working, but feel free to share or leave any comments via email: LaurenGingerRose@gmail.com


Have a glorious day!

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