When Beachin' It

July 21, 2014

Growing up at the Jersey shore (the real Jersey shore, not the one on tv with characters that don't even live in NJ), I spent most day in the Summer on the beach. Sometimes we would have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. As a kid I preferred chicken fingers and French fries, now a days we pack our own healthy food and lots of it! We don't spend as much time at the beach since we no longer live at the shore... But when we come down for the weekend, we come prepared! Here are some beach eats from lately..


Green smoothies are great if you have a cooler. I add all the powder I plan on using to the blender the night before and add the liquids, fruits and veggies in the morning. This one was cilantro (I am working on a major detox, more on that soon, and cilantro is great for pulling heavy metal from the body), banana, ashwanga, vanilla warrior food and lucuma.

Sandwiches.. Raw Vegan style! I use a coconut wrap that I got packaged from the health food store, sprouts, fermented kraut and a drizzle of apple cider vinegar and Coconut Aminos.

One of my favorite beach foods is watermelon! If I bring watermelon, it is all I eat. I never combine watermelon with other food because it won't digest well. Watermelon digests really fast so if you eat fat or any other food before hand, the watermelon will ferment in your body on the way down and cause gas and discomfort. Not fun at all! So I always eat ONLY watermelon if I am going to have it. I bring a lot too!

This one is my daughter's favorite. A fun crunchy beach snack! Cereal! This is an amazing superfood cereal that has a bunch of power ingredients in it. I like to snack on this when I bring a smoothie, my daughter has it with a sandwich (usually almond butter, banana and honey on sprouted bread or hummus, avocado and kraut on sprouted bread). 

I also like to bring a special drink like kombucha to quest my thirst. This "soda" kombucha is great! They have every flavor you can imagine, the rootbeer is my favorite!

Sometimes I am extra hungry after being in the sun all day so I will eat something once I get home like this sandwich made with coconut wraps, kraut, sprouts, avocado and arugula.

Or raw crackers topped with mixed greens, avocado and sprouts!

Orrrrrr.. raw crackers topped with kraut, sprouts, red onion and olives. YUM!

Other times I come home craving a big salad! This one was mixed greens, sprouts, avocado and kraut! I usually dress my salads with Real Salt, Apple Cider or Coconut Vinegar and olive oil.

This "after beach" salad with kale massaged with Real Salt, garlic powder and olive oil. Topped with avocado, kraut and green olives.

Besides my daughter keeping me busy, there is nothing like reading a good book on the beach. I have been working on decluttering thanks to Dara Dubinet. I am really getting into Feng Shui, I can totally feel a difference in my space.

Or you can just take selfies to stay busy! ;)

Have a beachy day! :)

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