Love and Honor Yourself

July 25, 2014

When I was in the hospital my hubby, T, said to me "what do you want me to get you? I'll get you anything you want!" I told him all I want is to be healthy and home with him and Audriana again. He assured me that would happen and it did. But now thinking about it, I see the lesson. Having IBD for 8 years has made me appreciate the little (big) things like health, happiness and family. I am grateful for every experience, bad and good because they have always shown me who I really am. I'm proud to be who I am today and although I still have work to do, I welcome it. Even 8 years ago I would of automatically thought of something materialistic for him to get me, now I see how small those things are in the grand scheme of life. Every event in my life has brought me clarity, becoming a mother and being sick for so long has really changed me. I can honestly say I'm starting to like myself after years of self hatred and seeing no reason why anyone would like me. I'm now on the path of "of course they like me, I am pretty freakin amazing!" Ha ha! I like my wits, my style, how I am sensitive, all my weirdness and my passion for everything! When I look into my daughters eyes and I see myself, I like myself even more. I've learned to speak to myself as if I am that little girl. I am not perfect in any way, shape or form, but I'm striving to be my kinda flawed perfect. The best kind! I find it especially important for me to be this way because I'm raising a little girl and if she ever talked down to herself, I would just die. So in any case, remember to honor and nourish your inner child. We all loved ourselves as kids but somehow lose that along the way. So remind yourself that you are amazing and you deserve the best.


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