Summer of Fun Has Begun!

July 28, 2014

Hey Loves! I hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend was the first since my surgery that I am very super again! So this weekend began our "Summer of FUN".  Since we all have been through so much, my hubby, daughter and I are making the most out of the rest of our Summer! I will document it all here probably every Monday until Summer is over. :)

Saturday, we went to Point Pleasant boardwalk to kick off our "Summer of Fun". We played games, took funny photo booth pictures and ate yummy food!

Very close to the boardwalk is an organic cafe with lots of vegan options called Jason's Organic. We went there last Summer as well, so I was pretty excited about going back. I just want to first say, this was a VERY indulgent weekend for me! ;) LOL, I usually do not eat so much fun food, but I had eaten raw all week, and it was our first weekend of fun, so what the heck?! I also want to mention that I don't have anything against this type of vegan food, but personally with all the junk that has been in my body from years of IBD, I like to eat as clean and raw as possible. Okay, now that's out of the way, check out this yummy gluten free vegetable pizza pie that my daughter, Little A and I shared. 

They also had Papa Ganache vegan/gluten free treats, so chocolate chip cookies it was!

My Hubby, T, won Little A lots of fun toys! She was so happy with all the Frozen stuff they had. 

Sunday was a lot more relaxed and less indulgent. We went to the farmer's market in Ramsey. This is about an hour from our house, but we went last year and I loved it so much! Look at all that organic goodness!

And beautiful organic herbs! They also had fresh juices, organic fruit only ice pops (my daughter had a strawberry banana one, I will post that in an upcoming post with her recent meals), vegan/gluten free breads, sandwiches, hummus and other dips, pickles and olives, vegan/gluten free stuffed breads and pasta! 

I was more concerned with the amazing organic edible wilds! Here is my haul: sorrel, purslane, zucchini blossoms, chicory, kombucha.

And some of the yummiest guacamole I have ever had! The guy made and packaged it right in front of us! When I got home I made myself a plate of celery, cucs and guac! Have you ever had celery or cucs with guac? It is my favorite! Who needs chips!?


Little A and I will go to the pool this week and after dinner one night we are planning on playing mini golf! :) I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer! :)

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