What I am eating lately

August 1, 2014

Hey Loves! I know you guys ask me a lot what I am eating, so here is a post full of eats from the last couple of weeks!

This was a salad with chicory, cucumbers, purslane, pickled radishes (homemade), sorrel, dressed with Coconut Vinegar and Olive oil. On the side I had 2 small yams with coconut oil, Real Salt, and garlic powder.

This was a similar salad but with kraut, raw olives, avocado and turmeric too!

I am always eating chocolate! As a true "Cacao Goddess" as I like to say, I only eat the best quality! Vita Organic Chocolate is made locally and has few few ingredients.

This was a smoothie I had for lunch one day: banana, warrior food extreme, cocoa mojo, reishi, kale, spring water, sproutein topped with jarrah bee pollen, superfood cereal, dried mulberries and cacao nibs.


Another yummy salad. This was dinosaur kale massaged with olive oil and topped with fermented radishes, cucumbers, and sun dried tomatoes. On the side were two red potatoes that I had with coconut oil, garlic powder and Real Salt (that's my favorite potato topper).

Another delicious lunch, a raw soup I blended in the Vitamix: celery, kale, mixed greens, Chlorella, Coconut Aminos, Real Salt, cumin. Topped with kimchi and flax crackers.

I had coconut wraps that lasted me a few weeks so I made a lot of raw sandwiches. This one was arugula, cucumbers, avocado, fermented radishes and kraut.

This was the picture before I wrapped it up!

When at my parent's house, I loved hitting up the local health food store for green juice and my favorite Gopal's nori sticks! The Italian and BBQ flavors are my favorite.

This was a delicious smoothie bowl: cilantro, bananas, spring water, lucuma, camu camu, Warrior Food Extreme, Sunwarrior Vanilla Warrior Blend, and pine pollen, topped with Jarrah Bee Pollen, dried mulberries, and Superfood Cereal. 

Since it is Summer, that means I have been eating a TON of watermelon! (always on it's own!) ;)

Another raw sandwich on a coconut wrap: with arugula, cucumbers, avocado, kimchi. 

A picture of it before I wrapped!

I made this the other night when I made the zucchini blossom recipe I posted on Wednesday. I added them on top of zucchini noodles with raw olives, cashew "cheese" and cooked tomato sauce. I love this "high raw" dinner! :)

This was breakfast yesterday morning: Yerba Mate Chai Tea (brewed last night), frozen cherries, bananas, spinach, chlorella, chaga, Warrior Food Extreme, moringa powder, maca, Sunwarrior Chocolate, Vitamin K2/D drops.

This was a smoothie lunch: cilantro, banana, camu camu, spring water, Ashwanga, Vanilla Warrior Blend topped with Jarrah Bee Pollen. 

Finally, this was last night's dinner: a big salad made with chicory, purslane and sorrel topped with avocado, kraut and cucumbers. I also sprinkled left over kale chips on top. On the side I had a raw bell pepper stuffed with walnut "meat" (recipe soon!) and a sprinkle of kale chips! 

Have a great weekend! Be well!

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