Summer of Fun Continues..

August 4, 2014

Hi Love-bugs! I hope you had a fun weekend! Our Summer of fun continued, but we had to deal with not so nice weather. So some of what we had planned on doing didn't happen! But next weekend is already packed with fun! 

We took Little A mini golfing on Thursday. She was a hoot! We laughed the whole time. She is really coming into herself and her personality shines!

Friday's are always busy, especially when we go to the shore for the weekend. Little A and I went to Whole Foods for groceries and I had to have my lunch on the go. I stayed raw and had a Thunderbird Bar and organic pressed orange juice.

After dinner we hopped in the car and heading down to my parent's house. T runs obstacle course races and had two races in that area, on Saturday. I brought my dessert for the ride: a GT Kombucha and a raw brownie.

Usually we will go to the beach while T runs his races, but it was raining so Little A and I went on a lunch date. I love when we do fun mother/daughter stuff! We went to one of my favorite places: From Seed to Sprout in Avon, NJ. They are an all vegan/organic cafe with lots of delicious raw options. Little A only wanted a smoothie (she turned down pancakes!). Her smoothie was so good (I had to taste a few times), it had banana, fresh orange juice, mango, flax oil and coconut milk. I am planning on doing a post with a bunch of her meals, so stay tuned for that!

I decieded to get my favorite thing they make: raw pizza! On the side I had a kale salad. Amazing as always!

We took dessert to go which was a mint-chip raw bar. Little A wasn't a big fan of the fresh mint taste, but I was! Delicious!

On Sunday, we went to check out a new Whole Foods that was about 35 minutes away. The store was really beautiful, but I am super excited for the one they are putting up about 5 minutes from my house!!! Can you imagine!? I left with fresh stone ground sprouted almond butter. They used sprouted walnuts from Living Intentions. Love that! 

After that, we headed to Barnes and Noble. I left with a shiny new journal! I love a fresh start! 


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well! Lots of love! 

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