How I am Cleaning my Lymph System

August 5, 2014

After having 3 surgeries in 7 months plus being on Prednisone for 3 years and before that a few immune suppressing medications for IBD, it is seriously time to clean my lymph system. The lymph system plays a huge part in keeping toxins out of your blood stream and if it gets too clogged with chemicals, it can result in diseases and even worse, cancer. So keeping things flowing there is very important. Here is what I'm doing to keep mine flowing nicely..

-Body Brushing. Every other day (you can do this daily but my skin is so sensitive that daily is too much for me). I use a bristle hand held brush and I brush from my feet up in a circular motion towards my heart.

-Rebounding. Right now I have a cheap mini trampoline that I jump on almost daily. I would love to one day get a Belkin, but for now, this will do!

-Massage. Okay, as of right now massages aren't in my budget but.... My hubby makes for a great masseuse and when I put lotion or coconut oil on myself, I rub it in with a hard motion like I'm massaging my skin.

-Hot/Cold showers. In the shower I always change back and forth from hot water to cold. This shocks the system and gets the blood flowing. Sounds drastic but I promise you will feel so refreshed after this. In the Winter I find I feel warmer after doing this in the shower.

-Lots of clean water. What better way to clean junk out of you body then water? I love going to fresh springs and bottling my own water in glass jugs. I know it's clean, fresh and good quality. Just say no to plastic bottle water!

-Green juice. Another great way to get the good in and the bad out. Green juice makes me feel so vital and strong. I feel like I have super powers after a big green juice!

Next up! How I'm cleaning up my diet to cleanse.. ;)


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