Product Review: Boku

August 6, 2014

The wonderful people at Boku recently sent me some samples to review! I just love this company as they are plant-based, non-gmo, gluten free, organic superfoods. 


First I will start with their protein powder... I was very happy to discovered that they are "low metal certified". Recently, a few vegan protein blends tested high for heavy metals so I have been very cautious with these products. I tried 2 of their super proteins and really like them both. The green one wasn't that strong green flavor I have found in other green protein powders. I could definitely notice it, but it was very tolerable. The other protein was a vanilla flavor. I really liked this one with bananas and ice. Very smooth.

Next is their super cacao nibs. I loooooved these! As some may know, I call myself a "cacao goddess" so they couldn't go wrong! They were a nice tasty treat. I kept popping them in my mouth during the day for a little sweet treat with an energy boost.

They also sent super golden berries which was actually the first product I tried. My daughter wanted to try "the yellow bag". I knew already that I like golden berries because they are like Sour Patch candies but healthier! I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter liked them so much. At 3 years old, I would think they would be too sour for her but she loved them! She actually finished off the bag.

Finally, I tried the superfood powder. I used a little at a time in my smoothies for an extra boost. I loved that it has super fruits, greens, maca, probiotics and enzymes in it. I even snuck some in my daughter's smoothies and she didn't seem to mind. Any extra way to get goodness in her diet, I'm all for it!

I would definitely recommend Boku's products to my readers. The company is pretty awesome too! I love their mission "To positively impact the highest number of people possible with the healing powder of whole food, organic nutrition and globally conscious lifestyle products". Pretty awesome! Thanks Boku!

Check them out on Facebook at BokuSuperFood and on Twitter @BokuSuperFood


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