Tree Hugging Fun

August 8, 2014

You ever feel like you need a little vitamin trees? I sure do! Every so often I feel the need to be among trees. The fresh air, the peacefulness, the calm sounds.. Ahhhh! I can't get enough! This week I was drawn to the woods a few times and I followed the feeling. First, my daughter and I went on a nice walk in the woods behind the park and then we took a family hike. All is right in the world after getting fresh clean air. I just feel restored and rejuvenated and I really reaaaaaally needed it. Hugging a tree helps too! On my fanpage I recently posted an article about how hugging trees can be good for your health, then I posted a challenge asking my readers to hug a tree and post a picture on social media tagging #NaturallyLauren. You can still participate!!! Maybe we should make the tag #NaturallyLaurenTreeHugging! He he! That sounds perfect. I would love to see you all doing this. Here are some pictures from my walks and a video! My very first video!!! More to come! 


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