Summer of Fun Goes On! And a Video of What We Brought to Eat at The Pool!

August 12, 2014

Hi!!! I hope you all had a great weekend, I am posting about our Summer Fun weekend a day late because I had a doctor appointment yesterday and he said everything looks great! I can exercise again too! He also told me to make sure I am eating a lot of fiber.. Ha ha! Not a problem! ;)

On Friday we went to the Italian Festival down the shore. This has become a tradition for us since Little A was a year old. This was the first year she actually went on the rides!

There wasn't quite a full moon, but I took this cool picture anyway!

On Saturday, we started the day off by heading to a local juice bar called Fresh Press Juice Co. I just LOVE this place! They have cold pressed juice, they make their own nut milk, all organic, and they have my new favorite things: Acai Bowls! Mine was topped with blueberries, strawberries, and raw granola made in store. 

After that we went to my future sister-in-law's house for a party. I brought a kombucha and snacked on raw veggies, salad and broccoli rabe (she was so thoughtful to make sure I had something to eat). 

Sunday I once again hit up, Fresh Press Juice Co. for another acai bowl!

After that we heading home to start a DIY project. Once again I had a Kombucha while my hubby had a beer! ;)

We have been wanting to paint our kitchen table and we've been picking up chairs here and there because we like the "mis-matched" look. 

We used chalked paint and they came out beautiful! Now I am going to find fabric for the seats!

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I had a doctor appointment in the city. After we headed to a nearby park to play, then we hit up the health food store. NYC has the best health food stores and they are very abundant in raw foods! I grabbed a Suja Essentials cold-pressed smoothie, kale chips, raw cookie dough bites, a Rawkin Raw macaroon and a raw almond butter cup.

My daughter also had a Suja Essentials and 2 "Buddha" almond butter cups. She calls them "her Buddhas". :)


I also wanted a share a video I took last week of what we brought to the pool to eat (sorry it is side ways at first and for yelling! LOL! I am working on my video skills!):

More Summer fun coming this weekend! Can't wait! 


P.S. If you want to join The Nourished Village, make sure you sign up before the discount ends!

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