Summer of Fun in PA!

August 18, 2014

Hey, Hey, Hey! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Our "Summer of Fun" continued..

Before the weekend, Little A and I headed to the pool. I went prepared with a big smoothie. This one had:  spinach, bananas, peaches, mulberries, Zeolite, mesquite, he shou wu, astragalus, spring water, Warrior Food Extreme and Vanilla drops.

On Friday, Little A and I headed to Whole Foods where I was pleasantly surprised to find these organic goodies: black figs, tri color baby tomatoes and JACKFRUIT! This was my first time having Jackfruit and it really does taste like "Juicy Fruit" gum. Little A loves it too!

Saturday the fun began! We headed to New Hope, PA to a place called Peddler's Village, a little grove with a bunch of charming shops and beautiful landscape. 

Little A spotted this butterfly among others!

My favorite shop was called "Journey's Spirited Gifts", my hubby, T told me to get myself a "few things" since he "owed" me from my time in the hospital. :) No problem-o! I left with incense, a soy candle, a small Buddha statue (I collect them), and the most beautiful mug I have ever seen. The mug came to me serendipitiously after I just just mentioned to a friend how much I adored her ceramic mug that looked similar to this. The company who makes it is called Healing Touch Pottery and they are hand crafted with a healing stone and Reiki charged. I happened to pick up one with a Citrine stone that rang very true to me. Definitely meant to be.

After that, we were going to go to a vegan restaurant WE LOVE, Sprig and Vine, but unfortunately they didn't have any reservations. Instead, we walked across the bridge to Lamberville, NJ. 

We found a little cafe that had a lot of vegan options. Good thing for iPhones! Caffe Galleria was the perfect spot!

I started off with a salad that had chickpeas, peppers, avocado and artichoke hearts. 

For my entree, all of the vegan options had tofu or seitan in them. I usually avoid both, but I was in the mood for a little tofu! I had "Eggplant Zorba" which was spinach, tofu, eggplant, and chickpeas  in a tomato sauce. I didn't eat all of the tofu, I like to avoid soy because I don't do well with it on my stomach and the controversy around it. As for seitan, I don't eat gluten (again, my stomach), so I won't eat that. 

On Sunday, we had a bunch of errands to run. I stopped at my favorite local spot: Fresh Press Juice Co for lunch! I had kale chips..

And my favorite, their acai bowl with their homemade granola and organic blueberries! The. Best. Little A enjoyed a banana whip (banana "ice cream") with vegan chocolate chips. 


Another beautiful weekend of Summer Fun! Have a great day!


The winner of the Betty Rawker giveaway is Carrie! :) I will be emailing you shortly! :)

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