Review: Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder

August 19, 2014

Recently the people at Kiss Me Organics sent me a bag of their Matcha Green Tea Powder. I was delighted since I do enjoy matcha powder in my smoothies sometimes and a cup of matcha is a wonderful treat for me. I was also pleased that the matcha was organic, I strive to eat a mostly organic diet, so this powder was perfect!

If you don't know what matcha is, it is a fine powder if green tea that is drunk during Japanese tea ceremonies. I find drinking a cup to be very therapeutic, I think of the history behind it and I feel like I am royal as I enjoy it. It's almost like a special tradition that I'm partaking in. I like to sweeten mine with a little stevia. I never boil it because boiling diminishes the health benefits.

Speaking of health benefits, matcha is said to be high in antioxidants, 137x the amount in regular green tea. It is also said to boost metabolism, increases focus and improve skin!

The matcha powder from Kiss Me Organics was pungent, I found I enjoyed it better in smoothies then as tea. I blended a teaspoon with banana, spring water and a little stevia for a refreshing "pick me up". Another way I enjoyed it was as a tonic, blended with warm water, coconut oil and stevia this made it like a latte. Perfect!

I suggest Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder for anyone looking to add it to smoothies or other culinary uses. Great, quality product!

You can purchase a bag here.


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