What They Ate Wednesday: Lauren from The Green Lean Bean

August 20, 2014

Hey All! Today's post comes from a personal "real life" friend of mine, Lauren! I hope you all enjoy, please comment and let us know what you think! If you are interested in sending me your own "What They Ate Wednesday" please email: LaurenGingerRose@gmail.com <3




I’m so excited to be sharing what I eat on a typical day with you all.  I have been eating a mostly high raw/vegan for 3 years now to help heal my Crohn’s. Lauren was actually the one to inspire me to become healthy!  I couldn’t thank her enough for teaching me this lifestyle. It has helped my digestive issues and has made me more aware of what my body needs in order to heal.  I’ve done a lot of adjusting before finding a complimentary balance.  I have fell off the wagon a few times but have gotten quickly back on. Healing is a very bumpy & winding road, for sure.  With it comes a lot of trial and error and finding what works best for YOU. Never give up and always remain determined to seek optimum health for your mind and body!


I have just recently moved into more of a fruit-based diet. I am researching the teachings of renowned detox specialist Dr. Robert Morse and applying aspects of his detox protocol to heal not only my Crohn’s but my whole body. A typical day of eating for me includes a mono-fruit breakfast, mono-fruit lunch, as much fruit & juices as I want in between and raw veggie dinner with an occasional cooked veggie meal with rice or potatoes. I also try to avoid non-organic, any processed foods, salt, oil and have a low fat intake.  Below are some examples of what I typically eat. I love to inspire others to eat healthy so please, come join me on my journey: Thegreenleanbean.wordpress.com, Instagram (@greenleanbean) and Facebook.



I start my morning with a tall glass of water, a mug of Dandy Blend, along with any herbs I am taking. Then its breakfast time, which is typically a large fruit smoothie. My favorite is a Banana Mylk shake. It is just bananas blended with coconut water and a pinch of vanilla bean. So creamy and very filling!


Another favorite is a simple smoothie of one frozen fruit, vanilla bean & coconut water. When it comes to fruit, I don’t like complicating things. They are beautifully tasty in their own way!

All day long, I snack on fruit and lots of it! I try to keep them mono-meals so digesting is easier. Dates, dried figs & bananas are great fillers that I always keep in my purse.

I’m getting plenty of hydration from my fruit but I’m still making sure to drink a lot to work on filtering those kidneys. In between fruit there are green juices, lemon water, orange juice, more banana shakes & herbal teas (I love peppermint, nettle, horsetail & Dr. Morse’s Heal All Tea).

It’s now dinnertime! Always remember to wait at least an hour after eating fruits to begin eating veggies or starches! You never want to combine fruits with them because that results in fermentation in the gut.

These are some samples of what I would eat for dinner.  Since dinner is so versatile and a bit more exciting, I thought I’d share more ideas with you. I love a good light Miso broth with raw veggies added in. It’s a great high raw meal when you are feeling like something warm. I am a girl who loves sandwiches. I was really happy when I created this raw “Italian sub” using lemon squash as my bread. It had all the fixin’s: cashew mayo, coconut vinegar, onions, seasonings. Now if I only had some coconut bacon!  Spiralizing your favorite veggies and adding a peanut sauce makes for a great, easy pad thai.  Sunfood makes wonderful raw coconut wraps that are perfect for rolling your favorite veggies. Add a dipping sauce and you are set!

Raw Taco’s are very fun to eat and oh so good! I like to fill lettuce with salsa, crushed flax crackers, avocado, sprouts and cashew sour “crème”. When I do a starch meal I have either rice or GF rice pasta and load it with tons of raw veggies or a homemade raw tomato sauce. Lettuce boats are a great hand-held salad that’s really easy to throw together. I make a raw zucchini hummus that I love smearing on and topping with my favorite veggies and a squeeze of lime.


I love hand-held “salads”. Zucchini season is in full swing so I thought I would share an idea how to use them up.




Zucchini Roll-ups

1.  First, thinly slice your zucchini (preferably with a mandolin)

2.  Dice your veggies up in thin long cuts.

3.  Mash avocado with some lime juice.

4.  Dab a little guacamole (or hummus) on zucchini strip. Tops with a few veggies.

5.  Roll up. Lay down on plate seam side down.

         I served with coconut amino’s to dip in.




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