Summer Fun at The 4H Fair

August 25, 2014

Hey Everyone! Our "Summer Fun" is going to be coming to an end soon! Whomp, whomp.. And my daughter is going to be starting preschool the first week of September, so lots of changes coming to my life! Although, I think the fun will continue into the fall.. ;) 

My weekend started with a Friday trip to Whole Foods where I grabbed these Salt and Vinegar Go Raw Coconut Crisps to snack on. Yum!


Saturday, we went to a family party at my Father-in-law's girlfriend's house. Lucky for me, she eats plant-based diet too! So there were lots of options for Little A and I. I should of taken some pictures, but since she is Spanish, the food had that trend: rice and beans, okra with plantains, potatoes with peppers. Delicious!


Sunday we headed out to "the country" to a 4H fair!

This was the most adorable baby pig. Little A loved petting him, she wanted to take him home.

As you can see, Little A likes to put her head in silly signs! ;) 

On the way back we stopped at a little road side farm to grab a watermelon. The place was so cute!

A few fun things we got this weekend.. My Mother-in-law got Little A this cute t-shirt.

And we finally found some "art" for our kitchen. These adorable pictures are from Homegoods, we felt they were perfect being that we are such veggie lovers. :)


Have a wonderful shiny day!

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