Things I've Been Loving..

September 8, 2014

Hey love bugs! I love sharing things that I am loving, so here are some current things...


(None of these companies sponsored this post, but Four Sigma Foods sent me samples for review!)

I love all of Coconut Secret products, but their new Garlic Sauce is just awesome!

I love flowers, some of these came from my yard! They are so colorful and bright, I am happy everytime I see them!

I love that Trader Joes now has unpasteurized orange juice and coconut water! I also love their frozen fruit for smoothies!

I love these Sunbiotic almonds. Both flavors are really good, my daughter loves too!

This is Ginger. She is my first baby and one of my loves always!

I buy this huge bag of organic nettles on Amazon to make sun tea with. Love it!

Loving cooler fall like nights for family bike rides!

These garlic stuffed olives are amazing!!!! LOVE THEM!

Love love love these instant mushrooms from Four Sigma Foods. The company was kind enough to send me these boxes to try out. I carry a few in my purse for when I am out and I also add them to my smoothies for some extra kick ass nourishment! I love the convenience of having medicinal mushrooms with me whenever I need! They are in powder form with nothing added. Truly and inventive product! 



What are you loving lately? Comment below! ;)

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