Autumn Adventures Week 2!

September 29, 2014

Hey Love Bugs! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Our Autumn Adventures continued and we were quite busy!

On Friday, I did my usual Whole Foods trip with Little A. I was excited for these finds: Cherimoya and Organic Pumpkin in a BPA free can! Score! I have been adding the pumpkin to smoothies for a nice Fall flavor.

A few of you asked about my diet lately and I have been enjoying more cooked food now that the weather is cooling down. I have been eating raw till dinner and this feels right for me right now. I am loving cooked vegetables and beans more often. Friday night I roasted some kale with coconut oil and Real Salt, sauteed broccolini in coconut oil and garlic, roasted chickpeas and 2 yellow potatoes. I added some raw kraut for digestion. Yum! My favorite thing to do with all potatoes is to coat them with coconut oil and roast them for about 45 min. When they are done I cut them and top with some more coconut oil, Real Salt, ground pepper and garlic powder. YUM! 

After dinner, we went out as a family to Target and Marshalls, I was very excited to see these Live Kombucha Sodas at Target. I have had these in the past and they are such a nice treat!

At Marshalls we found this awesome sign for our house. This quote represents so much to me, this is how I have lived my life and how I have survived with a chronic illness for so many years.

On Saturday, we had to go down to the shore so my Hubby could go to my brother's bachelor party. Before leaving, I stopped at Fresh Press Juice Co for a "Carrot Cake" smoothie: carrots, apple, bananas, sweet potato, pecans, raisins, coconut, cinnamon and nutmeg--WOW-E, so amazing! I also got some raw energy bites, they were great as well.

My daughter, my sister and I went out for a girls dinner in Asbury Park. We went to The Twisted Tree for dinner. I had a salad with hummus..

Then we walked down the street to Cookman Creamery for vegan coconut milk ice cream! I had Pumpkin and Maple Pecan Bourbon. SOOOOO GOOOOD!

On Sunday, we hit up the Farmer's Market and then took a trip to get lunch at a health food store. I had a raw kale salad and some baked falafel. 

I also had this organic tangerine flavored kombucha which knocked my socks off! So good! The taste of tangerine was subtle, but very fresh. 


I hope you had a fun weekend! Until next time..


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