What Little A has Been Eating..

October 3, 2014

Hi All! The last time I posted a bunch of my daughter's meals, I got an excellent response, so I have been taking pictures for about a month now and thought I would share another round of "Plant-Based Meals for My Daughter". 


NOTE: All food is organic and as much as I try to avoid proccessed food for her, she is a kid and I don't want her to feel left out at school. More on that in this post.. 

Here she is eating raw zucchini chips.

Frozen pineaple for a snack.

This was way back, I think it may of been Labor Day Weekend. She had grilled potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and vegan baked beans.

This was her meal for her first day of pre-k: fresh squeezed orange juice, a gluten free English muffin with coconut oil on one side and JEM Red Maca Almond Butter on the other and water with "calm" drops in it. 

This was snack one day: half a sprouted grain raisin English muffin with coconut oil and a So Delicious Greek Style Coconut Milk Yogurt.

Another snack: fresh strawberries and freeze dried mango.


Once in a while I will buy her sprouted tofu or tempeh (like once a month or less), this was tofu, lima beans cooked in coconut oil, a sweet potato with coconut oil, gluten free chia crackers and strawberries.

Another breakfast: sprouted grain raisin English Muffin with coconut oil and frozen wild blueberries.

She loves getting "Banana Whips" from Fresh Press Juice Co.

This was the same yogurt as above but strawberry flavored with raw granola on top.

Guacamole (got these individual packs from Costco) with celery and carrots.


Here she is eating Cabbage, Potato, Chickpea soup. 

This was another dinner: hummus, a baby pepper, cucumbers, olives, a sweet potato with coconut oil and brown rice with black beans.

This was breakfast: frozen cherries and a sprouted grain bagel with almond butter.

Here she is very excited to have a raw cookie! 

Here she is eating lentils with kale and potatoes.

Here is another dinner: roasted chickpeas, quinoa and broccoli sauteed in coconut oil and garlic.

Pears for a snack.

Smoothie: strawberries, Camu Camu (for vitamin C), reishi, romaine, hemp seeds.

And another smoothie: carob powder, berries, spinach, reishi and coconut oil. 

Now here we go with the proccessed food.. Ha ha! My daughter started pre-k this year, and she brings her own snack since she doesn't eat dairy. The other kids all get a snack that the parents provide for the whole class. So now she is seeing foods she has never had (Goldfish, gummy chews, etc). So I took her to Whole Foods and let her pick out some snacks so that she wouldn't feel left out. She has no interest in trying Goldfish because she doesn't even like the smell, but I did get her some Annie's Fruit Snacks, granola bars, clementines, Nori Wraps, and fruit chews. She also brings Mary's Gone Crackers, hummus with carrots, kale chips..

And these organic cookies I found weren't terrible and she  likes them for when she sees the other kids having Teddy Grahams.

They have a few flavors and the ingredients were pretty good! Score!

Another dinner: broccolini cooked in coconut oil and garlic, roasted kale and roasted chickpeas.

Green beans cooked in coconut oil and garlic, roasted acorn squash, black beans with dulse and a red potato. 

And finally.. Here she is enjoying vegan coconut milk ice cream with rainbow sprinkles at Cookman Creamery.


Hope you enjoyed!

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