Autumn Adventures: Apple and Pumpkin Picking and a recipe for "Apple Picking Pie"!

October 6, 2014

Hi Loves! The leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler around here, Fall is definitely in the air! I have been enjoying every second of it!

Before the weekend arrived, I started my Friday off with a delicious smoothie: pumpkin, bananas, dates, Longevity Tea cooled overnight, romaine lettuce, chlorella, Sunwarrior Vanilla Warrior Blend and Chaga from Four Sigma Foods. 

After that, I drank my new favorite thing. I call this my "Immune Boosting Electrolyte Drink": I added raw honey, lemon, Real Salt and DoTerra Lime Essential Oil to water and drink it down. 

We did our weekly Whole Foods trip Friday afternoon and I found these goodies: Fundamental Pistachio and Sea Salt chocolate that is sweetened with Jersey local honey!

I also picked up this special treat: Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk. I usually don't buy these things because of all the additives but this one wasn't too bad. It has no Carrageenan, HOORAY! But, I would like to make my own. ;)

On Saturday, I had my future Sister-in-law's bachelorette party. While I was away, my Hubby got me these goodies! Good guy.. :)

On Sunday, we woke up bright and early for some fun Autumn Adventures. We went apple and pumpkin picking!

Here I am with my silly goose!

When we left there we hit up Deans Natural Market for lunch. I had a Pumpkin Pie smoothie, this was so good! I can't remember the exact ingredients though, sorry!

I also found these gems while I was there. I can't wait to try!! They had a bunch of different Rebbl brand drinks that had super herbs in them. I was pretty excited!

Following that, we took a little walk at the reservation near us. This was the beautiful view!

Later on Sunday evening, we made something we make every year after apple picking... "Apple Picking Pie". This isn't a real apple pie, more like the filling. :) Here is the recipe:


Apple Picking Pie (vegan, plant-based, gluten free, grain free, kid friendly)


4 apples, cored

1 tbsp of coconut oil

1 good drizzle of good quality maple syrup

A dash of salt (I use Real Salt)

A sprinkle of Coconut Sugar (you can omit if you don't want it too sweet)

Cinnamon to coat

Granola and Caramel Drops Optional


Heat coconut oil in a pan until melted. Add apples and coat well with cinnamon. Let apples cook for about 2 minutes then drizzle with maple syrup, a dash of salt and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. Cover and let cook well, until soft. 


Serve with granola on top. Or even some coconut ice cream would be delicious! 


In-joy your day! XO


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