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October 8, 2014

Hi Loves!!

Recently I was asked "how to stay on a clean eating diet". The reader had said that she eats vegan, but calls herself a "junk food vegan". So I thought I would share with you all some ways I find help me keep stay the course. I first want to note that I am in no way perfect, and I totally eat junk food on occasion, but I don't make it a habit or feel guilty for indulging. For me I continue to eat this way because I know that I never want to feel sick again, I think of it as prevention. Also, I hope that the way I eat will keep me young. ;)

Here we go...
-Warm water with lemon, cayenne pepper and turmeric. I drink this upon waking and I also will have at night if I'm feeling "snacky".
-Exercise or play with my daughter. I find when I'm sweating, moving or having a good time I am less interested in eating junk food. Only the best for my temple!
-Kombucha, Kevita, green juice or OJ (pressed of course) help curb cravings and make me feel satisfied.
-Jumping on my rebounder. I will pull it out when I feel like I'm going to turn to food for comfort.
-Speaking of comfort, tea and tonics! Dara Dubinet introduced me to tonics on her YouTube channel. I like to sweeten mine with stevia or coconut sugar and that helps a sweet tooth. Or if I want something salty, I'll make a cup of miso soup.
-I also find that using Pinterest or Instagram helps. As long as you are following other healthy eaters, you can be inspired and get great meal ideas.
-Don't think that just because you are eating healthy you can't enjoy a treat. I find that if I have a little raw chocolate after dinner, I'm fulfilled and not looking for snacks later on. Go for what you crave, don't eat a whole chocolate bar, but savor one piece. There are nights when I eat half a square and nights when I eat 4 squares. But as long as I enjoy it and I'm not eating it to binge, I don't want more.
-Lastly, don't ignore your body. I use to strive for a mostly raw diet and lately I have been craving cooked dinners (now that the weather is cooling down). Instead of forcing myself to eat salads every night, I'm enjoying warm beautiful soups with vegetables, beans, quinoa and sometimes gluten free grains. This is working for me right now.  I know that my diet is an evolution and needs to be changed or tweaked for my needs during different times of the year. I am finding all raw until dinner has helped me not crave junk food as much because I am listening to my body.

I hope I could help! If you have a topic you would like to see me blog about, leave it in the comments below, or go to my about page and submit it there! Thanks! XO

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