Autumn Adventures and Meeting Friends

October 13, 2014

Hi Everyone! My Autumn Adventures started early this week...

I was lucky enough to meet up with a soul-friend that I met through Dara Dubinet's site More With Dara. I have been following Lindsey's blog, Instagram and Facebook for awhile now so it was so nice to finally meet her and her family. We met up at Fresh Press Juice Co for acai bowls, beet hummus and other raw goodies. 

On Friday night, we had some wild times over here.. Starting with So Delicious Candy Corn Coconut Milk Ice Cream Pops!

We dressed up at kitty cats too! Wild I tell ya! ;)

On Saturday, we drove down to see our family. But first, a stop a Dean's Market for another Pumpkin Pie Smoothie!

I also stocked up on these Rebbl drinks since they were on sale and are OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!

More drink find, but these were from my local grocery store: Kevita Blueberry Cherry (this is my new favorite flavor they make), and 2 raw coconut waters from INVO, one was plain and the other was lime. Yum!

I can never turn away a superfood chocolate bar! I love this Fundamental brand because they have few ingredients, are high in cacao and are sweetened with local Jersey honey.

Another cacao bar find, this was from Vitamin Shoppe (I know, who knew!), the brand is Good Cacao and again filled with amazing superfoods and DHA! I love a little health with my cacao! ;)

Another beautiful Autumn weekend! I hope you had a nice one too!


Till next time..


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