Gratitude Attitude

October 17, 2014

Lately I've been finding myself rushing through life, kind of numbing certain things and letting fear get to me. My anxiety has been kicking back in and I'm going to stop it in it's tracks now. For years I struggled with illness and the embarrassment behind having IBD, then I struggled for 7 months with having a "bag" on my stomach and now I'm struggling with not knowing my own body. I am so use to having ups and downs (mostly downs) that I feel like I forgot how to feel good. I've been feeling good for almost a year now (besides recovering from my other surgeries) and I feel like I'm not use to always feeling good. I'm sure it sounds strange but I get into funks now where I'm expecting it all to end, for my body to turn on me.. I've been using some methods to help with it. These are useful for anyone who gets consumed with fear or worry.

Being grateful.
Feeling present in the moment.
Enjoying life.
Positive affirmations.
Listening to my intuition and paying more attention to my thoughts.
Prayer and meditation.
Exercise (great stress relief).
Long walks to the park and playing with my daughter.


The other day my daughter noticed this little "fury guy" in our shed as I was stressing about pulling her stroller out from behind bikes and a lawn mower. In that moment I stopped, took a big breath and realized I need to slow down and notice the little things around me.

Having a "gratitude attitude" is very important to me. When I stop worrying about things and look around and see all the beautiful things I am blessed with, I can't help but to feel good again.

Look around this weekend and pay attention to the little things around you. If you feel like it please post a picture to my Facebook page or tag on Instagram #naturallygratitudeattitude

Have a beautiful weekend! With love!

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