Autumn Adventures: Family Fun and a Baby Shower

October 20, 2014

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! I am seeing my GI and surgeon this morning for a follow up, all has been going so well with having a j-pouch. I feel amazing! I am planning on posting my long lengthy entire story from the years I struggled with IBD very, very soon! That has been a long time coming, and I finally feel ready to share. Anyway, onto the weekend.. 

This was a lovely smoothie bowl I enjoyed before heading to the grocery store on Friday:  blueberries, bananas, Four Sigma Foods Chaga, Cocoa Mojo, Camu Camu, water, mixed greens. Topped with dried tropical fruit, Jarrah bee pollen, cacao nibs and dates.

While grocery shopping I came across Kevita's new tonic drinks. This cinnamon one made it's way home with me and it was yummy!

Saturday morning I drank this delicious smoothie before my workout: ginger tea cooled over night, pumpkin, bananas, Sunwarrior chocolate warrior blend, Four Sigma Foods Chaga, Medicinal Flower Caramel Drops, Camu Camu, vitamin d/k2 drops, a couple of dates and chia seeds.

Saturday we mostly ran errands. I stopped at Fresh Press Juice Co for lunch: raw kale chips and an acai bowl. My favorite combo! ;)

For dinner I made stuffed peppers with kale. The little girlie got hers carved like a pumpkin. She really liked that. I stuffed them with quinoa, pinto beans, celery and carrots. The kale was cooked in coconut oil and garlic. 

After that we had family game night. A new tradition around here. 

On Sunday I went to a baby shower for one of my best friends since 5th grade.  :) I stopped at the health food store for a few goodies first!

At the shower I had crudites with hummus, artichoke hearts, figs and olives. I basically took all the garnishes! ;)

They also had this adorable fruit platter. I had a similar one for my baby shower. Love it!


Till next weekend.. 

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