Autumn Adventures: This Past Week

October 27, 2014

Hi Everyone! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post. I truly appreciate all the love and support.


So onto today's post. I am posting a bunch of pics I posted last week. I hope you all enjoy!

I took this picture on my way out of the city last Monday. That is the Freedom Tower.

After a good doctor's appointment, I always hit up the local health food store. Here are the goodies I left with.

This was a yummy smoothie bowl I had one day: apples, pumpkin, bananas, dates, cinnamon, ginger spice tea (cooled down). Topped with Jarrah bee pollen, raisins, cacao nibs and Dang coconut chips!

My daughter and I snacked on these apple chips one day. Yum!

I made this lentil soup for dinner one rainy night: brown lentils cooked with carrots, celery, Swiss chard, garlic, dulse flakes and Four Sigma Foods Chaga addedin at the end for a little immune boost.

Family walks at night have been lovely with the foliage.

Another yummy lunch: mixed greens topped with Bubbies Pickles, kimchi, lots of turmeric, hummus and a Hilary's Veggie Burger.

Found this treat at Whole Foods. These Theo PB cups are free of soy and palm oil and are vegan!

And of course a treat for the little girlie. She loved the Pumpkin Spice ice cream pops from So Delicious (so did I!).

Over the weekend we had a little lunch date at Fresh Press Juice Co. My daughter had a smoothie with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kale and coconut water and I had an acai bowl (of course!). We also shared raw truffles.

After that we went to a craft show where I got this cool ring.

We went out for a family dinner to a new local New American restaurant. They had a few items marked "vegan" on the memu and used some organic produce. I started with a mixed greens salad.

Then I had their "Zucchini and Carrot Loins". They were served on top of a cauliflower puree with a potato, mushroom hash on the side. Lovely presentation of beautiful delicious food!

On Sunday we layed low and ran a few errands. I found these organic red lentil rotinis at Home Goods. The only ingredient is lentils. I can't wait to try!

We finished out the weekend with left over split pea soup I made earlier in the week. I got the recipe from Pinterest and added in Tempeh Bacon. Perfect comfort meal for a cold Fall day.


Till next time..


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