Boosting My Family's Immune System

October 31, 2014

Hi All! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you had a great week! The weather is getting cooler and with all the scary illnesses going around, I thought I would share how I help keep my family's immune system in tip-top shape!

I will add one or more of these powders to our smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt: Fruits of The Earth, Camu Camu and Billy's Infinity-C. These are all filled with Vitamin C. I find myself adding these to things numerous times throughout the day since Vitamin C always needs to be replenished.

Personally I love this electrolyte concoction I make for myself. Having a j-pouch means I don't absorb water very well, so lots of good salt is good for me. I like to drink think mixture throughout the day: raw honey, DoTerra Lime Essential Oil, lemon and Real Salt with water.

Speaking of raw honey, I give my daughter a spoonful of it daily to help keep away any nasty bugs that she may pick up at school. The phytonutrients in raw honey have antibacterial and antiviral properties that help boost your immune system and fight sickness.

Probiotics are very important in my house. I take VSL#3 which is a specially formulated probiotic for people with IBD and J-pouches. It is really high (almost prescription strength) in good bacteria. My daughter takes Ultimate Flora to keep her immune system strong.

All 3 of us love SunBiotics pre/probiotics. These chewable tablets taste like candy! My daughter wants to eat the whole container at once. :)

I always use these protects, Elderberry spray for when we feel like we may be coming down with something. Elderberry is antiviral. I also give my daughter Gaia Kids Defense Herbal Drops in her water or Wellness Herbal Kids. She isn't a huge fan of the taste, but I find adding them to water or juice helps.

I keep organic essential oil hand sanitizer in my car for when we are out. I also spray my daughter's hands as soon as she gets out of school. I get these little sprays from Whole Foods.


I also want to mention I love sneaking medicinal mushrooms into our food. Four Sigma Foods has great little packets that can be sprinkled on after cooking. Chaga is my favorite for it's immune boosting properties.

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