Autumn Adventures: Halloween Weekend

November 3, 2014

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great Halloween weekend! Here are the hightlights from ours!

On Thursday night we carved our pumpkin. My hubby did an excellent job making Elsa from Frozen.

While he was carving, I was roasting! I cooked the pumpkin seeds with coconut oil and Real Salt.

On Friday we went to Whole Foods and found some seasonal goodies! The Hilary's stuffing was really flavorful. I think I may get it again for Thanksgiving.

After that it was Trick-or-Treating. I always take my daughter down to the shore to visit family and they always give her treats I approve of. This year she got kale chips, dried mango, organic lollipops, dark chocolate and organic raisins.

Here we are, I have my cat headband on, she was a unicorn, obviously.

My Mom even made us dark chocolate bats and pumpkins with a melted Endangered Species bar.

On Saturday, we went to the movies to see: Book Of Life. I thought it was really beautiful and well done. Visually it was gorgeous. Especially in 3D. My daughter brought her own snacks, of course! She had organic popcorn that I cooked in coconut oil, organic pretzels, kale chips, organic fruit snacks and an organic banana and apricot smoothie drink.

For myself I brought a Vega Snack bar (these bars are so good!) and a Tangerine Kevita drink.

On Sunday, we had my niece's 2nd birthday party. Here I am with my silly goose!

They had lots of food, I had a big salad some fruit..

And my daughter and I had gluten free vegetable pizza. :) My family is always nice enough to make sure they have food for us.


So that was our very busy weekend! Next weekend will be another busy one since my brother is getting married and we are all in the wedding! :) Can't wait to share that with you all!



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