My One Year "Assiversary"..

November 11, 2014




Hi All!


Saturday wasn't just a celebration for my brother's wedding but also my one year "Assiversary". One year ago on November 8th, I had my first surgery and had my colon removed. This was the biggest surgery of the three because after having my colon removed I was able to be off of all meds and have zero symptoms (and this remains the same, a year later). I feel so amazing and healthy, I'm loving that I can enjoy life again, free of pain and worry.

One year later, I'm still learning how to live "normal". I am so use to the unexpected, not knowing when a flare would hit, always looking for a bathroom as soon as I entered a place, spending most of my days in and out of the bathroom. This no colon stuff definitely takes getting use too after being sick for so long.


I am still eating a plant based diet but I'm finding I'm listening to my body more. Now I can actually hear my body, when before I was living in pain all the time so I wasn't sure if stomach pain or other aches were IBD or a food not agreeing with me. I've definitely relaxed a lot with my diet. I have had gluten more then before (which I'm not making a habit of), and I'm eating more cooked foods because my body is craving them. Warming, heavier, comforting foods. I'm enjoying eating this way and once I'm feeling like more raw again, I'll go back to that. I'll just listen to what my body wants for now.

So that's my update one year later. Living with a j-pouch is like I'm actually living again. I'm so excited to see what ahead for me and my family.



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