Autumn Adventures: Visiting Santa?

November 17, 2014

Yup, we saw Santa this weekend... 


But before that, here are some other hightlights..

I had a yummy banana bowl for lunch one day: a few bananas, a few dates, caramel Medicinal Flower Drops blended with water and topped with Jarrah Bee Pollen and cacao nibs.

A cup of Cocoa Mojo was the perfect touch to my Saturday morning! 

But the main highlight of the weekend was visiting a Frozen Ice Palace at the mall to see Santa. I am totally all about waiting until (the day) after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas, but when we heard they had a Frozen Ice Palace at the local mall, we knew we needed to go early to avoid the crowds. Boy were we wrong... 4 hours of waiting on line later..

My little goose got to see Santa. This was the first year she wasn't afraid. She really enjoyed having fun in the Ice Palace too. Well worth the smiles! :)


Have a great day!

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