Autumn Adventures: A Frozen Weekend

November 24, 2014

Hi Everyone! Today my daughter, Little A turns 4 years old. This weekend we celebrated a lot, in a very Frozen way. 

On Friday night we surprised her with tickets to Frozen on Ice. Needless to say, she was thrilled!

Let it go!

We sat in the 5th row. I thought the show was very well done. We all enjoyed it a lot. But the best part was the smile on my daughter's face. 

On Saturday night we had some family over for cake to celebrate.

We decked out the house in Frozen style.

The cake I got was not vegan. My daughter and I had our own cupcakes that were gluten free and vegan. She picked them out and I put a Frozen candle on hers. She got to blow out the candles twice. :)

She picked out a plan chocolate cupcake, while I had a Creme Brulee one. The cupcake was super super sweet and rich, so I only had a little. Give me chocolate and I will eat it all day long.. Cakes and cupcakes I will pass on! ;)


She recieved a bunch of gifts and woke up this morning wanted to send everyone a thank you card. That made me a proud Momma. I try to teach her to have a gratitude attitude and she certainly does!


I am taking her for a "Banana Whip" today and later on for dinner she wanted Chipotle. :) 


Have a great day!

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