A 4th Birthday To Remember

November 26, 2014

 Hello Everyone! Happy Early ThanksLIVING! What are you planning on making? I am bringing Hilary's Vegan Stuffing and raw cranberry relish to our celebration. I will post a recap on Friday. For now I will share with you what we did on my daughter's actual birthday, which was Monday. Here is how a healthy living kid spends their birthday..

She woke up wanting grapes, fresh pressed OJ and cereal for her birthday. She had PB Puffins (which I will buy on occasion since they are now labeled with the GMO Free Project label). For school, I went in and read her class a story. She wanted the story of Frozen, of course. Her class loved it! I also brought in mini vegan cupcakes. I really wanted to bring in homemade fruit cups but the teacher told me ahead of time that the kids would not eat them. Apparently there aren't many fruit lovers in her class. Little A must be the odd one! ;) They all loved the cupcakes, some kids even enjoyed 2! :) After that, my Mother-in-law came over and brought us to lunch. Little A wanted to go to her favorite place, Fresh Press Juice Co. for a banana whip with chocolate chips. She was a happy little girlie (see pic above). 

I had been wanting to try Fire Cider and I was very excited to see that Fresh Press Juice Co. makes their own. 

This was a jar of some still fermenting. I wanted to buy, but they didn't have any ready for sale yet.

Both my Mother-in-law and I had a shot. I swear my throat cleared up right away, as did my congestion. I woke up this morning feeling better then I have in weeks. My hubby and I have had an ongoing cold that seems to be going around. I must make my own Fire Cider soon! 

We also both had their kale salad which is dressed in tahini dressing and topped with shredded carrots, apples, pumpkin seeds and raisins. Little A ate all my apple! ;)

For dinner she wanted Chipotle. That is her favorite special dinner and the only take out she really knows. So beans, rice and guacamole it was! Here she is blowing out the candle on her special dessert.

She had vanilla cherry coconut milk ice cream topped with raw chocolate chips and all natural sprinkles. 

After that she opened her gifts..

And then she made us a picnic. We sung happy birthday and enjoyed our mini feast!


Happy 4th Birthday to my goosey girl! Best 4 years of my life! I am grateful/thankful for her! <3


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