Tales in Parenting: Out of The Mouth of Babes

December 10, 2014

Hi Lovebugs! Today I wanted to share a lighthearted post. Below are some quotes I have been writting down that have come out of my daughter, Audriana's mouth. Enjoy! :)


"Good morning, Mom... Your face looks clumpy.."

Me: "Audriana, there is a little hive on your face.."
Audriana: "Oh no, is there bees in it?!"

In the middle of the night: "I want garlic in my socks!" (I use that when she is sick, it's a homeopathic remedy. Apparently, she likes it).

"Mommy, when I was in your belly did I see all the vegetables?"

Me: "You need to wear a coat, it's cold outside."
Audriana: "The cold never bothered me anyway!"

"Mommy, your hair... You look like a boy like that."

About having her family over for cake for her birthday: "Tonight when everyone comes over, I'm gonna stay upstairs and you can say, she's coming, and I'll come down." (She wanted to make an entrance)

When I went to her school for her birthday: "Why did you wear your hair like that?!"

Me: "You are my number one girl."
Audriana: "I don't want to be number one! I'm four!"

Me: "You're the best girl."
Audriana: "You're the best women!"




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