Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

December 31, 2014

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday. I can't believe Christmas is over and New Years is just a few days away! I have a good feeling about 2015. Anyway, here is my recap of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Christmas Eve we had dinner at my Mother-in-law's house. 

We started off with some snacks, on my plate was brown rice and rice paper vegetable rolls. She also had chips and salsa and some fish sushi for the guys. 

For dinner she made gluten free pasta, red lentils and broccoli rabe. After dinner we visited my Father-in-law and his family, and then made it to our final stop, my grandparents house for our annual family gift giving celebration. Little A made out very well and it wasn't even Christmas yet!

Christmas morning, Little A woke up to a bunch of presents from Santa including a Frozen Mustang that she had been asking for. She loves this thing!! I can't believe how fast it goes, she is giving me gray hair! HA HA! 

Little Ginger wasn't left out either! Little A and I stuffed her stocking with lots of treats! ;)

I shopped for myself this year, which meant going straight to and stocking up with their 17.5% off coupon. 

My hubby also got me this jewelery. I love!

On Christmas day, we went to my Sister's new house to celebrate. My Mom made vegan stuffed mushrooms for us to enjoy, they were really good!

Here is Little A with her plate of olives (she loves olives!) and celery, flax crackers and hummus.

For my Christmas dinner I had gluten free lasagna made with cashew cheese (I made this, the recipe is on Ginger Is The New Pink), green beans with almonds and a big salad. 

Here I am with my little girlie on Christmas Day. 

For dessert, the most amazing raw chocolate pie that I got made at Fresh Press Juice Co. This was a hit! So good!


Till next time..

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