What I've Been Eating Lately..

January 5, 2015

Hi Everyone! Once again, Happy New Year! I thought the New Year would be a good time to share some of my recent eats. So here you go..

On New Years Eve, we had a little feast at home. For myself, I had rice paper vegetable rolls from Whole Foods. I LOVE these! I wish I could find rice paper wraps to make my own! I'll keep searching!

I needed a nice treat for celebrating so I drank my kombucha and had a few pieces of this Coracao Rawmond Butter Bar. YUM!

On New Years Day, we hit up Deans Market since they were having their big annual sale. For lunch I got a collard wrap with cashew mayo and a mango smoothie.

For dinner I made a kale salad with kraut and avocado and White Bean Stew from Deliciously Ella's site. 

Over the past weekend, I had my favorite Acai Bowl from Fresh Press Juice Co.

I have also been really loving avocado lately. I snack on half of one sprinkled with Real Salt and Little A has the other half. Just use a spoon and dig in! Avocado has it's own built in bowl!

I actually just finished eating these Swiss Chard wraps for lunch. Inspired by the beautiful Dara Dubinet. I stuffed them with tahini, avocado, tomato and a sprinkle of garlic powder.



Finally I wanted to share with you all a recent interview I did for Vegan Ostomy. Check out his pages, he is an inspiring dude! ;) 

Till next time.. 

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