On the Go Snack Ideas!

January 14, 2015

Hi!! I hope you are all having a nice week!

With the weather being so cold lately, we have been spending our time doing a lot indoors. This involves hours of board games. My daughter is obsessed! But when we want to get out, I like to be prepared. We like to go to the movies, museums, and other in door centers that my daughter enjoys. Most of the time, the food offered isn't so great. But no problem! I just pack of bag with snacks and drinks and we have a health outing (or is it inning since it is inside?). ;)

A few weeks ago, I took Little A to the Liberty Science Center and we packed these snacks.


Here is a list of our favorite snacks for on the go:

-I always bring lots of water first and foremost. Sometimes I'll bring kombucha, Kevita or coconut water as well.

-Bars! These are great travel snacks. I usually bring 3 raw bars with us. Lately I'm loving Bearded Brothers Bars.

-Gopals Nori sticks. My daughter and I love these! She calls them "bamboo sticks". I like that you get all the nutrients from nori without the fishy taste. They also have iron and protein.

-Go Raw crackers and cookies. My daughter really likes the chocolate cookies so I bring a whole bag with is. I prefer the Pizza Flax Snacks. Both a great treat.

-Fruit. Fruit is the original "fast food". Clementines are my favorite. Sometimes I'll pack apples or pears depending on what I have.

-Popcorn. This is mostly for my hubby and daughter. I don't digest the stuff well. But anyway, I buy organic kernels in the bulk section, then cook in coconut oil and sprinkle with Real Salt. Perfect for the movies.

-Squeezable smoothies. These are for my daughter. She likes the organic Go Squeezes or Target sells an organic one (think they are called Slammers) that has acai, banana, blueberries and amaranth. They have other non vegan flavors too. But I buy this one.  She loves them.

-Kale Chips. Again a great snack that you can just take the bag and go. These are my favorite.

So next time you are going to be away from home the whole day, pack your own snacks instead of relying on what the event supplies. I am always sneaking a big bag into the movies, and then we aren't tempted by the concession stand. (By we, I mean my hubby! Haha, my daughter and I don't even look at that junk!) ;)

Have a good day!



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