Tales in Parenting: I'M PREGNANT!

January 21, 2015


Yup.. Remember that project I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, the project wasn't really a project but more like I'm growing another tiny human. ;)

So I found out I was expecting a few weeks before thanksgiving. The plan all along was to try to get pregnant in the fall, and it happened. After last years surgery journey, I was hoping this would be my next journey and I am blessed again to be able to grow another precious being inside of me. I am so proud of all my body has gone through and this just makes me even more proud. My docs had told me before my first surgery that I may want to freeze my eggs because with the jpouch surgery scar tissue could block the Fallopian tubes. My hubby and I didn't want to go that route and instead relied on my body to do what it wanted. Luckily, it turned out in our favor.


I was pretty sick for a few weeks (hence the lack of posting). Mostly just really tired and all day nausea. I just wanted to eat cooked plant based comfort food. I would say since Christmas, I've been feeling like myself again and craving juicy raw food again! I'm listening to my body and following my cravings.

 And it's a girl! I had the Panaroma blood test done at 12 weeks to determine the sex (this is a newer test that is going to become standard soon from what my doctor says. Finding out the sex this way is more accurate then the 20 week ultrasound).

I'm going to be posting more about this soon like what I'm eating, craving, doing. 14 weeks now! :) Mid July due date! :) More soon...

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