My Supplement Regimen While Pregnant

January 28, 2015

Here is a list of my current supplements. I take all of these year round so not much as changed. I have been taking prenatals since before I was pregnant with Little A since I continue to take them while nursing. I stopped nursing Little A over a year ago but I had planned on getting pregnant once my doctors gave me the approval so I continued taking them.

VSL 3 Probiotic: These are a very high dose of probiotics meant for those with IBD or Jpouches. I really like these and have been taking on and off for a few years now. Probiotics are important in pregnancy because they help prevent preeclampsia, and helps nutrients get absorbed more efficiently.

Garden of Life Raw Iron: The amount of blood in your body increases until you have almost 50 percent more than usual during pregnancy so I take this along with the iron in my prenatal.

Omega Zen 3 + EPA: These are my favorite omega 3 because they are vegan and contain EPA. Both are vital for brain growth and are even said to help prevent postpartum depression.

New Chapter Prenatal: I actually usually take Garden of Life's Raw Prenatal but I had heard these were just as good, and I had a coupon! ;) But I am planning on going back to Garden of Life once I am done with these because of the fact that they are tablets and not capsules. With a jpouch capsules are easier and more efficient to absorb.

Bone-Up Calcium:  I developed osteoporosis after being on Prednisone for so many years. Now I take a calcium that helps bone density and growth.

B12 tablets  (methylcobalamin): I take B12 because I eat a plant-based diet and b12 is hard to get eating this way.

Living Nutritionals Vitamin D3 Sunshine Patch: These are my favorite! I feel instant energy when I put one on. I switch every other day to a new patch. They have vitamin d3, k2 and magnesium. I also add Thorne k2/d drops to my smoothies. I buy these patches at The Raw Food World. Vitamin D is important for healthy development and lowering risk of complications. Vitamin D also helps with the absorption of calcium.

So that's what I am currently taking. I may add things here and there but these are the standards.


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