When My Kiddo Was Under The Weather..

February 2, 2015

Hey All! Yesterday was my birthday, usually I would have a fun birthday recap for you but I was sick all day! I've had a lingering cold that I caught from Little A that doesn't want to go away. So hopefully we will have our celebration next weekend.

Last week, Little A came down with a fever on and off for a few days. At first she didn't have any other symptoms, but then her nose started running and she had a cough. The first day she wasn't feeling good, was the worst of it. After that she was her normal playful self so I fed her what she felt like eating plus the stuff posted here. So when Little A wasn't herself last week, here is what she ate, drank and took.


 I started off the morning making her fresh Orange Juice. She really enjoyed that and the extra vitamin c and liquids helped her feel better.

 A little while later I made her some nut and raisin Manna Bread covered with coconut oil, raw honey and a few drops of Vitamin D/K2 drops.

 She had her probiotics then too. I gave her two different brands so she had two different strains. 

 Lots of liquids to flush out the virus: fresh orange juice, filtered water with a pinch of pink salt (for minerals) and raw coconut water for hydration. 

 To help relief her symptoms, I gave her this homeopathic, all natural medicine. Believe it or not, Target sells lots of homeopathic medicine now. 

 She had a few spoonfuls of raw honey throughout the day to help her immune system fight off the germs.

 Daddy brought her home a fun coloring book, that put a smile on her face!

 Later on, she wasn't very hungry but she had some oatmeal that I added reishi, coconut oil, a little honey and maple syrup too. 

 Then we shared some orange slice. After that she has a bowl of vegetable soup (I didn't get a picture, as she barely had an appetite and just ate what she could).


So now she is feeling better, and I am battling this cold! Sigh.. 


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