31 Things to Do While I'm 31

February 9, 2015

This list may just be a vision board type of thing but I just turned 31 and I thought this would be something fun to write out. Granted I'm having a baby in July, we will see how much of this gets accomplished but I'm all about putting it into the universe. I made this list "realistic" so there's no "win the lottery" or "spend a month in Italy" on here. More like little things that will bring me joy. I will check off items as I do them by making them bold and italic!




Here it goes:

1. Have a healthy beautiful little baby girl (who sleeps). ;)
2. Eat at my favorite restaurant, Quintessence.
3. Go to the Bronx zoo with my family and parents.
4. Spend time at the beach.
5. See a Broadway show.
6. Go to the movies (alone with my hubby and as a family).
7. Have another awesome garden.
8. Take hikes.
9. Take family walks.
10. Play at the park.
11. Play at the pool.
12. Have fun in Eatly.
13. Have lunch at Seed to Sprout.
14. Gather spring water fresh from a spring.
15. Go fruit picking in the summer and fall.
16. Go to the aquarium.
17. Have a picnic.
18. Go to Westerly Market and stock up on raw goodies.
19. Watch fireworks
20. Eat at Beyond Sushi.
21. Eat at Bareburger (veggie burger of course).
22. Make raw chocolate.
23. Make vegan pizza.
24. Watch the sunset on the beach.
25. Get a massage.
26. Get a facial.
27. Go to the Museum of Natural History.
28. Hug a tree.
29. Pick flowers from my yard.
30. Paint pottery with Little A.
31. Go to New Hope/Peddlers Village and eat at Sprig and Vine.





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