Museum, Westerly Market and Raw Chocolate Making

February 11, 2015

On Sunday, we finally ventured to NYC to celebrate our birthdays, which also included checking a couple of items off my "31 things to do while 30" list. My birthday was last Sunday and T's was the Sunday before (we are exactly 2 years and one week apart and both Aquarians! Fun, right?). Anyway, on T's birthday, he was sick and on mine, I had the same thing so it was 2 weeks of laying around doing nothing. Since our birthdays were so miserable, we decided to make up for it and spend a few weekends doing things we want to do.


On Sunday, we went to Westerly Market (we had two groupons and they have the best supply of raw food) and after that we went to The Museum of Natural History.

On Monday, we checked off another item by making raw chocolates! This was a fun activity for Little A and I to do together. We used the recipe in Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman's raw uncookbook: Love on a Plate and they came out perfectly amazing! Even T, who is not a chocolate fan (I know, sounds insane), loved them!

Here are the highlights from both days. Enjoy!


 Outside of the Museum Of Natural History. 

 Dinosaurs when you walk into the museum.

Huge Amethyst in my favorite section, rocks and minerals. 

 Gift shop souvenirs. 

 At Westerly Market, I got myself a Super Burger (made by the restaurant Rockin' Raw) for lunch. This was mouth watering good! All raw and vegan, super tasty! I wish I had one now!

 These were the goodies I picked up at Westerly Market: Raw Coleslaw, Power Wraps (BBQ and Hummus, I had never seed the hummus flavor, can't wait to try!), Raw "WrawP"s that are very good, I made a delicious wrap for lunch every day this week, Live Smart Bar, and Rawxies Mint Chocolate Cookies (these taste exactly like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies minus the chemicals!). 

 Here is Little A making raw chocolate on Monday. She had told me she didn't lick the spoon.. Her face says otherwise! ;)

 Although we used a recipe from Love on a Plate, I added some goodies. Some of the hearts have raw chocolate chips, others have reishi, and some have coconut flakes.

 I also made bon-bon types of chocolate with mulberries and goji berries added.

 I dipped some dried figs in the left over chocolate. YUM!

 And finally, these alphabet chocolates are just the normal recipe. Little A had to eat the "A" as soon as I was done taking this picture.



 Check, Check, Check! 3 things off my 31 while 31 list! ;)




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