Valentine's Day(s)!

February 16, 2015

This weekend was filled with Valentine's fun. The fun actually started on Thursday when my daughter had her class party and I went in to help out. Here are some of the yummy highlights from our love filled weekend..


 I will start with Thursday, the day I went into Little A's school for her Valentine's Day party. But before that, Little A had given me these Valentine's she made just for me! How sweet!?

 Before I went to the party,  I took a few belly shots. Here is a faceless one. Ha, it's hard to take pictures of yourself!

 After the party I came home to this delicious Rebbl drink. This taste just like chocolate milk but made with coconut milk and with reishi added (I am avoiding most Chinese herbs while pregnant, but Reishi has been said to produce calm babies!). 

 For dinner, T picked up Chipotle. I had a vegetable bowl with black beans, white rice and extra veggies!

 On Friday, Little A and I went to Whole Foods where we grabbed some festive goodies! Strawberries and red currants! We enjoyed these as soon as we got home (the currants are very bitter, Little A didn't mind!).

 T gave me an early Valentine's gift that night.. I love the Berkley bar from Coracao (it's their version of a Snickers, but raw and vegan!). 

 On Valentine's Day, I woke up to beautiful roses, a card and a wide variety of raw chocolate. This should last quite awhile for those wondering what I am going to do with all this chocolate! 

 Little A was very happy with her card and gifts. In the picture on the right, she is ready to celebrate!

 T even got a little Valentine's gift for the "Valentine to be"!

 We ran some errands during the day and stopped at Home Goods where I grabbed these Taste Nirvana Coconut Waters. These are so delicious!

 On Sunday, we did a little shopping at Marshalls where I found these two organic onesies for $5.99! Can't beat that! I heard Burts Bees organic line is available a lot there and at Buy Buy Baby! Looks like I will need to check!

 And finally, we took a little ride and parked to watch kids sledding on a local hill. The temperature was 18 degrees so we didnt get out of the car! ;)


I hope you had a lovely love day! XO


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