Pregnancy Talk: A Love Affair with Fruit

February 18, 2015

The one craving that has stayed consistent since the beginning of my pregnancy has been fruit! I am 18 weeks pregnant and fruit is still my number one craving! I could totally be a fruitatarian if I needed need other food groups. ;) Fruit just totally hits the spot right now. The taste is so juicy and intense to me, it's never tasted better. I hope this craving stays for when it gets warmer and watermelon is in season. When I was pregnant with Little A I craved fruit a lot in the Summer and I ate watermelon nightly. I use to tease that she was floating in watermelon juice. Mm... Now I want watermelon!


Here are some picture of my cravings being satisfied! 


 Christmas time was Orange Juice Time!

 Fresh juicy mangos are so good! Little A loves them too so we share!

 Two oranges are the perfect snack!

 Fresh grapefruit juice from Whole Foods.

 Fresh squeezed orange juice with cayenne sprinkled on top!

 A fruity haul from Trader Joes!

 A gift from Florida! My Naunee sent me Honeybell Oranges, these were gone fast!

 Blood oranges!

 Grapefruit, nice and tart!


As you can see, citrus has been my go-to! But as of the past week or so, I am loving baby apples! :)




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