My "Ass"iversary of Surgery #2

February 20, 2015


On February 21, 2014 I had my second surgery for my jpouch. The first surgery they removed my colon and during this surgery they created the jpouch. This was the most difficult surgeries of all 3 because my pelvis was too small for them to get in laparoscopically so they ended up having to cut. I was under for 9 hours because my doctor wouldn't give up working on me. He had his partner help and together, they made it work! Thank the lord! If they couldn't complete the surgery, I would of had to live with an ileostomy (bag) for life. I am forever grateful and in debt to my surgeons.

Anyway, looking back a year later, I see the lessons learned and maybe some reasons to why everything happened the way it did. So here it goes..

1. When I had Little A, I needed an emergency c-section which was sooooo traumatic! At the time I didn't understand why it all played out the way it did but now I see why her heart rate dropped and she needed to "get out". My theory is that because of my small pelvis, she couldn't fit. She dropped low so I could deliver her and the room wasn't there. This may be totally wrong, but after hearing my surgeon say I had the "pelvis of a 10 year old boy", I see it being possible. I am glad this happened because now I can plan for another csection instead of having the same thing happen again. (God forbid)

2. Sometimes the most laid out situations do not go as planned. Nothing is definite, nothing is set is stone. Live for the moment and remember "God laughs at plans".

3. This was the surgery where I couldn't see my daughter for over a week. I had to be in ICU in case my body couldn't handle what I had been through and kids are not allowed in there. This was so completely heart wrenching. After this happened I realized how truly important my family is to me. It wasn't as if I didn't know this before, but this made me really appreciate my love for them and their love for me. I am blessed.

What a difference a year makes. I'm so happy to be on the other side of all of this and living the life. :)

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