Weekend Fun: Shopping, Bowling, Lots of Food!

February 23, 2015

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had nice weekends! Ours started off very cold, with 5 inches on snow and freezing cold temperatures, to a nice warm up on Sunday where the temps reached almost 50 degrees (which felt like a heat wave). Too bad today the cold is back! Anyway, here are the highlights from our fun weekend..

I have been craving chocolate "milk" and I am loving making my own concoctions. This one was bananas, Sunwarrior Chocolate Classic Protein, spinach, cacao, water and chia seeds.


I am also loving Rootbeer Kombucha. Little A and I went to Target after school one day to quench our Kombucha thirst! 

On Friday, we went to Whole Foods. Lately I will not be hungry one second and then I am STARVING the next! I need to keep more snacks in my purse. This was one of those times so I grabbed kale chips and spring water and ate them on the ride home.

When I got home I was excited to see my Raw Food World order had arrived! These are the goodies I bought. I love their "at cost" specials!

On Saturday, we mostly ran errands. Little A will be moving out of the small nursery room, into our old bedroom and we are getting a new room! This will be amazing since right now our room is so small that it is basically a bed. T will be working on that addition in the Spring. Anyway, we have been buying things here and there for the new rooms, so this weekend we got Little A's new bed quilt and some other things for her. Her room is going to be "Fairy Garden" themed. I will post pictures once that is done! In our travels, I picked up this new notebook at HomeGoods, for $3.99! Love a good deal!

On Sunday, we went bowling with my niece, sis-in-law and bro-in-law. We brought snacks to share! 

Here is Little A and her bowling ball, which probably weighed as much as she does!

On the way home we stopped at Costco for some monthly goodies. I was excited to see they had this fresh organic salsa that my friend Lauren from The Green Lean Bean had told me about. I am going to add to my salads this week. 

Finally, on our way back from there we stopped at an "organic" deli for lunch. This "organic" deli had only a few organic items. Boo! I really felt like a salad and I was very hungry, so I did get their non-organic salad bar. This was romaine, olives, artichoke hearts and chickpeas. I stayed away from the vegetables that are higher in pesticides.


Have a great day! XO


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