A Very Satisfying Weekend

March 2, 2015

Happy March! March sure came in like a lion, as they say.. We had an ice/snow storm yesterday and last night. Will Spring ever arrive? Sigh. Anyway, trying to keep our cold spirits up, we had a very fun weekend..


 On Thursday, I munched away on Nori Nachos (I bought from The Raw Food World) before heading to Whole Foods. 

 My shopping buddy snacked on Honeydew while I shopped. 

 I couldn't resist mangos and sparkling spring water. Lately, these are both big cravings!

 I arrived home to a package that I ordered for Little A. I couldn't resist these watermelon Toms shoes when they were on sale at Zulily. I plan on getting a pair for myself too (I can fit in youth sizes, lucky me!). I did forget that Toms run big, so I am going to have to slip some inserts into these for her. What a bummer!

 After shopping I was very hungry! I whipped up some peppers stuffed with guacamole that I bought from Whole Foods. I eat these with my hands, so fun and so good!

 I also bought some local vegan ice cream. I am not a huge ice cream person (especially in the Winter) but a friend told me about how delicious Van Leeuwan ice cream is and how great the ingredients were so I couldn't resist! They had a variety of flavors but mint chocolate is always my first choice!

 On Friday morning, we woke up to no heat. Our boiler died! So Little A and I drove down to my parents house to stay over while T fixed it. I brought along lots of food so I didn't need to go shopping again. Also, my Mom has lots of healthy food around, like raw cashew mayo, so I didn't have any issues. I made this for lunch: raw bread (Rayo De Sol brand from The Raw Food World) topped with cashew mayo, horseradish, avocado and cherry tomatoes. Perfect! 

 For dinner I made lentil pasta for Little A and I and my Mom made a big organic salad that they were having with their dinner. She also made this delicious dressing that I couldn't get enough of. She used cucumbers, dill, avocado, cashews, apple cider vinegar. 

 On Saturday morning, I woke up and felt the a belly picture was needed. I mean look at me grow! Ha Ha! Almost 20 weeks, halfway there!

 After that we headed to From Seed to Sprout (a vegan, organic restaurant) for lunch. Little A enjoyed Spelt Pancakes. 

 Her and I also shared a smoothie called "Nuts and Bolts", almonds, bananas, cinnamon, cacao and maca. 

 I had their raw taco salad which is kale and arugula topped with avocado, cashew sour cream, pico de gallo, purple cabbage and their raw sunflower "meat". I also had them add their in house kimchi. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!

 I couldn't finish the salad, so I took some home for dinner along with a slice of their raw pizza. What a delicious day!

 On the way back to my Moms we stopped with their grocery which is down the road from the restaurant. I grabbed Jana Sweet raw cookies, cashew ranch dressing and raw chocolate cashew milk. I have been craving chocolate "milk" a lot and this hit the spot! On a side note, the lady at the store told me that Jana Sweet is going out of business! I am so disapointed, Little A and I love their products! I hope they go on clearance so I can stock up! ;)

 On Sunday, T had a craving for Bareburger and since he always gives in to my cravings, I decided it was only right for me to do the same. ;) We ordered their vegan wasabi carrot slaw (SO GOOD!!! Oh my Lord, we are still talking about this today, I wish I had the recipe!) and some spicy pickles of course!

 I ordered their vegan sweet potato and wild rice burger on a sprouted bun with guacamole, lettuce, onion, tomato and more pickles! Yum, yum, yum! This weekend was defintely satisfying! I also did 2 things on my 31 while 31 list! So I'll go back to my list and highlight: Have Lunch at Seed to Sprout and Have a veggie burger at Bareburger. Although, I hope to visit both places again this year. 


Have a lovely day! XO


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